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World Building

Worldbuilding Magazine: The Profession of Adventuring

One of the things I learned from my RPG groups was that the players loved when I—as the Dungeon Master (DM)—named the things that they’ve done that I considered impressive.

Random Worldbuilding – The Nation in History

The easy lesson to take away here is that nations are complex entities made up of a lot of different parts and the existence of the nation as a unified reality is an illusion that we should ignore.

Making a Low Magic Campaign for 5E D&D Work

Hail, and well met! Today I’ll be exploring something I’ve recently been asked about an awful lot lately through Discord — the concept of a low magic campaign in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons

Ed Greenwood and the Wisdom of Vaguely Identifiable Fantasy Worlds

I think this gets to the heart of a lot of Forgotten Realms versus Greyhawk, and even Conan versus Fafhrd and Mouser discussions, especially when people have a difficult time seeing the fine distinctions.

Incorporating Mundane Life into Your Fantasy/Middle Ages Game: Religious Festivals, Tanning, Shearing, & Shoeing

Let’s look at even more mundane aspects of life in the Middle Ages for you to put into your game!

Dungeons and Dragons: How To Design a Compelling Villain

Designing the perfect villain for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign can be incredibly difficult, especially for beginner DMs.

You Can’t Build Worlds by Yourself

A world written entirely by yourself is like painting with a single color: you can have a single red square on a white canvas be worth $15mil at some art gallery, but it doesn’t change that it’s basic as all hell.

Holistic World Building Part 2: Peopling Your World

This process is a bit more involved, but can produce a much more vibrant and varied world than some of the more traditional methods of world building.

DMs, When It Comes To World Building, There’s No Such Thing As Wasted Effort

How many times have you slaved over a dungeon layout, a unique monster, or a deeply thought out bit of world lore, only to have your party skate right past it without so much as slowing down?

Incorporating Mundane Life into Your Fantasy/Middle Ages Game: Farming, Construction & Logging

The mundane reality of life is something often overlooked when GMs are talking about the world in which their fantasy or Middle Ages game.