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World Building

City Building for Your TTRPG Campaign

Cities, towns, villages, and other settlements are an integral part of any TTRPG campaign.

Escapism and Entertainment in Fantasy Settings

Let’s take a look at what kinds of ways Medieval society entertained itself, while also incorporating in fantastical elements you’d find in a world inhabited my spellcasting and wyverns.

Steal My Idea: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective NPCs

NPCs serve many purposes. They’re friends, allies, enemies, quest givers, shopkeeps, exposition dealers, and most importantly, their an integral part of what gives the world life.

6 things to Consider About the Military in Dungeons and Dragons

One does not simply raise an army.

Wolfgang Baur on Worldbuilding

The homebrew that matters is that which focuses on the characters. Build your homebrew from the hooks of the characters.

World Building 101: 10 Key Lessons

There are a lot of campaign worlds out there, but nothing is as unique, and as well known by you, as your own campaign world.

Inspiration for World Building in Dungeons and Dragons – Forest Edition

One of the single greatest challenges facing any Dungeon Master is just how to immerse those brave souls in their party – who have embarked upon the Hero’s Journey – into a world that is vibrant, detailed, and engaging.

5 Tips for Making a Quick and Fun Marketplace in Dungeons and Dragons

Marketplaces can be a wonderful way to showcase the town that you created for your campaign.

Fantastic Technology – Incorporating Technology into Your Fantasy World

So, you have decided to build a fantasy world. Something with dragons, perhaps? A sweeping, epic tale? But there will definitely be magic, so how can you incorporate science and technology believably?

Worldbuilding: Culture and Language

Let’s look at the way different cultural norms and values are reflected in the language– I don’t just mean the specific languages (Common, Dwarvish, etc.), but the way people communicate with one another.