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How to Run Overland Travel in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

In this video we discuss 5 different frameworks for implementing overland travel in to your game. We ask the question of which is more important, the journey, or the destination, and we explore options for the various ways to minimize or maximize the journey aspect of D&D.

5 Common Rules Mistakes for Spellcasting Classes in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Spellcasting can be one of the more complex and nuanced mechanics in the game, so it’s quite normal for people to get a few key rules wrong or misinterpreted.

How to Use “No, but…” & “Yes, but…” in TTRPGs

You’ve probably heard of and used “yes, and…” at your table, but today Ryan and Dawn share two alternatives that are great additions to you TTRPG role play.

5 Amazing RPG YouTube Channels to Binge while You’re Stuck at Home

There’s a wealth of amazing content creators in the RPG YouTube community, and today we’re shouting out five of them we think deserve more love!

How To Make A D&D Map

Today, we are looking at ideas on how to make fantasy maps for Dungeons and Dragons, that you can use at your table, enjoy.

How to Introduce New Players to TTRPGs

Got someone new at your table? Dawn shares some ways to introduce new players to tabletop RPGs and some advice on how to make their first game great!

11 Dungeons and Dragons Beginner’s Tips From Professional Players and Dungeon Masters

Aoife Wilson and Zoe Delahunty-Light headed to the Lucca Comics and Games Festival to play some Dungeons and Dragons, and while they were there they had a chat with professional Dungeons and Dragons players and got some Dungeons and Dragons beginners tips everyone should know!

GM Diary: Helpful Phrases

Dawn shares a few phrases to use around the table when you are running games.

Why You Should Leave Gaps in Your Backstory

When should you NOT plan your character?! Ryan and Dawn talk about the benefits of leaving some blank spaces in your backstory.

Collaborating With A Player

Player Collaboration is a hallmark of a modern, narrative-focused game.