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How to Introduce New Players to TTRPGs

Got someone new at your table? Dawn shares some ways to introduce new players to tabletop RPGs and some advice on how to make their first game great!

11 Dungeons and Dragons Beginner’s Tips From Professional Players and Dungeon Masters

Aoife Wilson and Zoe Delahunty-Light headed to the Lucca Comics and Games Festival to play some Dungeons and Dragons, and while they were there they had a chat with professional Dungeons and Dragons players and got some Dungeons and Dragons beginners tips everyone should know!

GM Diary: Helpful Phrases

Dawn shares a few phrases to use around the table when you are running games.

Why You Should Leave Gaps in Your Backstory

When should you NOT plan your character?! Ryan and Dawn talk about the benefits of leaving some blank spaces in your backstory.

Collaborating With A Player

Player Collaboration is a hallmark of a modern, narrative-focused game.

4 Ways to Find an IRL Gaming Group

Searching for a gaming group in your area but don’t know where to look for fellow gamers? Ryan shares four ways you can find an IRL gaming group.

The Local Area

All you need is a local area, and you are ready to start playing.

Utilizing Spells in Creative and Inventive Ways

Kelly Lynn D’Angelo is joined by David Nett to discuss creative and inventive spell casting!

Asking for Feedback

Looking to improve as a GM/DM? Try using some of Dawn’s tips on how to ask your players for feedback.

Home Brewing Content

Sam De Leve is joined by Amy Dallen as they chat about the nuances of house rules and all things involving home brewing content!