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The Best DnD Map Makers

Are you looking for the best solution to create dnd maps? Look no further! In this article, we cover the best DnD map makers and their pros, cons, and use cases.

Review: Campaign Cartographer Mapping Software

If your goal is to produce the widest variety of maps with the ability to tweak and change most setting and you are willing to take the time to learn its quirks then Campaign Cartographer, Dungeon Designer and City Designers are for you.

Yeah, but what do they eat? – A Local Cuisine Generator

These tables aim to give you a basis to build up the cuisine of the culture, tribe or society. To use them, simply roll 4d8 and consult the relevant results.

Owlbear Rodeo: A Simple D&D Virtual Tabletop

If you’re seeking a lightweight virtual tabletop, try out Owlbear Rodeo.

Spending Gold – DnD Tables from 1 Gold Piece to 10,000 GP

Use for starting characters with spare gold, buying things for one-shots or if you’re unsure what to spend loot on.

Memorable NPC Name Generator

As any Dungeon Master will attest, but particularly any who write and publish their own adventures, coming up with vaguely credible names you don’t hate for all your NPCs is a major pain in the @&$€.

Dungeon Tables: Fifty Unique Environmental Encounters

A GM’s work is never done, so to make things easier on you, we’re providing a series of tables to help you flesh out your encounters, your adventures—your world.

New Roll20 mobile app is getting a closed beta “soon”

More D&D sourcebooks also coming to the online platform.

Guide to Playing Dungeons and Dragons Online

Time to play some D&D! We’ve got some great tips to help you be a better player when you play Dungeons & Dragons online.

That’s How I Roll – Online Gaming Tools, Part 5: Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) for RPGs

I hope this overview gives you some ideas about the major VTT options, as well as which one may be the right one for you.