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5 Resources to Make Your Online Tabletop Roleplaying Game Epic

Stuck at home? Wallet feeling a little parched? Need a distraction to whittle the time? Then why not try playing a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy AGE or something else online?

Dungeons And Dragons: 10 Helpful Tools Every DM Should Use

A great DM can make a Dungeons & Dragons session that much better. Here are 10 helpful tools that every DM should use to help elevate their game.

Etiquette & Protocol – Taking Your RPG Online

While many gamers have been playing RPGs online for years, the COVID-19 distancing recommendations, bans on gatherings, etc. mean some tabletop gaming groups are looking at going online as an alternative to a hiatus.

How to Level Up Your Roll20 D&D Game with These Tips

Now that many of us are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, it makes getting together for that weekly D&D session even harder than it was before.

Playing D&D Over Discord

In these times of social distancing, it becomes even more important for us to connect and spend time with family and friends. There is no better way to do that than playing D&D.

Card-Based Tools For RPGs – Part 1

I’m a big fan of using cards, even in this high-tech age. Hopefully, you will find some of the ideas in this article interesting and useful for your games.

New Player’s Guide: Everything You Need to Use D&D Beyond

So, you’re playing D&D for the first time this week—or maybe just playing online for the first time, thanks to the pandemic. Either way, this resource masterpost is a gold mine of information for new players. This special installment of the New Player’s Guide has you covered.

The Best Tools to Play Dungeons & Dragons During Self-Isolation

Self-Isolation for Covid-19 is closing off a lot of hobbies, but there’s some hope for Dungeons and Dragons players who want to play online.

Gamemastering with Airtable

In this in-depth primer Erwan runs through how he manages campaign prep using the Airtable app in conjunction with Node-Based Scenario Design.

Shared Experiences Playing D&D Online

Many of us currently find ourselves stuck at home and unable to play our in-person D&D games. If we want to keep playing D&D, we have to move our games online.