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More Things I’ve Learned Running Games Online

I understand a lot of this article about the downsides of gaming online, whereas the last one was more positive, but I’ve been noticing troubles cropping up, and see how running online is definitely inferior (in my opinion) to playing in-person, and I look forward to the point that I get to do that again.

Unofficial D&D mobile app Downtime Manager lets you keep playing between sessions

A new unofficial mobile app lets Dungeons & Dragons 5E players keep their game going between in-person sessions of the tabletop RPG.

Do This Now Every Session For Easy World-Building

There’s a doc out there called Tight Dungeon World One-Shots. It’s great advice for running a night’s gaming with no prep.

That’s How I Roll – Online Gaming Tools, Part II: Mapmaking Products

This week, I’m bringing you another installment of my “Online Gaming Tools” series as we tackle mapmaking products.

Exploring the use of Tarot cards for D&D

Recently I began looking into tarot cards and how they might be able to enhance the game.

How to use Tarot cards in D&D

Tarot cards in D&D have a variety of uses. They can be used for roleplay, story planning, character customization, or more.

That’s How I Roll – Online Gaming Tools, Part I: Campaign Managers

This article begins my attempt to share some useful tools I’ve discovered for online gaming. This first entry takes a look at most of the most popular campaign managers out there.

Adventures in Roll20: Maps

However, it is not all smooth sailing, as I have hit rough patches. Importing maps is something I found more difficult. Eventually, I worked out a process for doing it.

Adventures with Roll20: The Journal

Now, while Roll20 is useful for providing tokens and a battle-map, the function that I am finding most interesting is the journal.

How To Play Dungeons And Dragons Remotely Every Week

Our set-up has been really reliable for over 2 years and the only tweak we made was shifting to a paid Zoom account so we all could live under the shelter in place rules that in effect in our community.