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Using Downtime Scenes in Your Game

Downtime Scenes help you run those day-to-day moments in your game that happen between adventures.

D&D Review! Archetypes of Eberron

Today I’m reviewing Archetypes of Eberron, a book chock-full of new class options for D&D 5e characters.

Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus – Session Zero Companion

While doing my campaign research, I came across a Player’s Guide for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus that included helpful information about the city.

Mythic Classes of the Odyssey

Mythic Classes of the Odyssey introduces 13 new subclasses to support your Greek-inspired D&D setting! Enjoy powerful new class options for every class in the game, pulling inspiration directly from Greek myth.

Tactical Encounters: Cave Defenders

Tactical Encounters is an encounter series that delivers tight, strategic D&D combat encounters—plus all the opportunities for roleplaying and storytelling you’ve come to expect from your favorite D&D adventures!

How to Encourage Roleplaying, the Loresmyth Way

Roleplaying is one of the biggest things that tabletop players struggle with (apart from figuring out how Sorcery Points work in 5e).

Critical Role, D&D, and Roll20 have released a free adventure you can play online

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is now available on Roll20

5E Adventure Review: The Night Land

The first adventure in the new Oracle of War campaign set in the Eberron campaign setting is The Night Land by Shawn Merwin. Designed for a party of level 1-4 characters, it introduces the party to the town of Salvation.

Encounter of the Week: Snowed In

This encounter is based on “Snowed In,” an any-level adventure hook presented in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, which you can preorder now on the D&D Beyond Marketplace!

Encounter of the Week: Feeling Crabby

This week’s encounter is Feeling Crabby, and takes the adventurers to the quaint lakeside town of Odessloe in eastern Wildemount.