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The Moebius Deck of Wonders

The Moebius Deck of Wonders isn’t just a deck of random magic items.

Take the Kids on a D&D Journey with Young Adventurer’s Guides

The kids have always wanted to sit around the table with you and roll the dice in an adventure, but getting started with Dungeons & Dragons can be daunting when all the books weigh more than you do!

Dungeons & Dragons’ newest starter kit lets you build out a party with a single player

The Essentials Kit features a bunch of slick components, plus new rules for sidekicks

Recommendations for the 5e Realms Enthusiast

These are my top recommendation to provide more context to the setting, when looking at the Forgotten Realms material that has been released for 5th edition D&D.

Amazing Adventures brings pulp action to D&D

If you are interested in playing a non-fantasy genre with familiar D&D-like mechanics, you can!

D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book Available Today

The new Acquisitions Incorporated™ book published by Dungeons & Dragons in partnership with Penny Arcade is available starting today, June 18.

5 Things I Love About Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Let’s take a look at five things that I love about this supplement.

Hexcrawls – Forbidden Lands versus Tomb of Annihilation

At present I am running both a Forbidden Lands campaign and the D&D 5th campaign Tomb of Annihilation, and it gives me two different experiences with hex crawl gaming.

Going Beyond the Monster Manual with these 4 Monster Tomes

If you’ve been DMing for a while, you’ve probably already used quite a few of the monsters from the good old Monster Manual.

Player Screen

Why do we only use one side of the DM screen?