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Story Telling

The Storyteller’s Secret Weapon That Most Game Masters Struggle With

Players want to play a game and experience an interactive adventure, not listen to endless facts, details, and descriptions. Players want to explore stuff, be surprised and scared and excited, and be immersed in your world.

For RPG purposes, I define story as the sequence of events that come out of gameplay. And I think of plot as the GM’s plan for those events.

The Stories We Tell Make a Difference

And while it might not seem like it matters, or that it’s important, telling stories is a little thing that can have an impact going forward.

Dream Sequences in D&D

Throughout the world, the use of dreams as a plot device is prominent.

Using D&D backstories in the plot

If you are using D&D backstories in the plot you are able to have players influence the world, campaign, influence quest rewards, and more.

Making Secret Connections Less Secret

Secret connections and alternative motives are long-standing tropes of both D&D and storytelling in general. However, such secrets can be problematic when pivotal moments of an adventure hinge on their discovery.

After the Campaign Ends – Writing an Epilogue

So today let’s talk about epilogues and how you can use them to give players control over the final chapter of their characters’ stories.

Loose Plot Threads in D&D

It’s understandable that not everything plot or story that comes to light during the campaign will be solved by its conclusion. Some of these threads can be left for future campaigns or adventures in the world.

How To Leave Your Players Hanging – 4 Cliffhanger Tips

If you see the end of the session is near, but it’s too early to trigger your cliffhanger, stall for awhile with an intercept encounter.

Story Hooks, or How to Deliver Pizza to an Immersive Event

It’s best to have several healthy servings of information, delivered in different ways, in order to give your players the best shot possible at coming to the correct conclusion.