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Story Telling

5 Plot Hooks for Your Next Game

I have decided the time was right for another of my very infrequent installment of Mysterious Monday.

Craving More Narrative Drama in Your D&D Game?

So what happens when your fellow players (and GM) enjoy having narrative drama at the table, but might not be practiced at introducing it? Here are a couple of my favourite tools from D&D and beyond!

Player-Centered Narratives

In a previous post, I talk about where the narrative focus is. In this post, we’re going to mostly be looking at different flavors of player-focused narratives.

Bad Stories are Only the Beginning!

Writers and Game Masters have a ton of things in common

6 Ways Being a Dungeon Master Developed my Writing Style

It is hard for me to emphasize just how much being a Dungeon Master has influenced the way that I have become a writer.

A Party’s Journey

It is no accident that the characters in most role playing games are referred to has heroes.

The B Plot

Two plots is better than one!

Game Science: Story structure as network graphs

The codeveloped adventure story that matures when playing fantasy role-playing games is an engrossing experience.

RPG Gamemasters Fill Yourselves with Stories

I think it is critical for any gamemaster or dungeon master to understand story. To understand how stories work and how they are told.

Five Kinds of Plot

I think that there are five kinds of plotlines that we really see in games, and I’ll try to point out parallels in genre fiction.