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Running the Game

Improve Your Range of NPC Voices with These GM Tips

Storytellers need to act out, narrate, and engage in witty repartee from a variety of NPC’s—often without any warning.

d6 Ways To Spice Up Next Session

Sometimes things get dull, predictable, and stale.

Spring into DMing – How to Get Into Running a Game

You don’t need to know everything, have all the books or the minis or the terrain to become a DM.

My 5 Regrets As A New GM

My initial foray into running a game was disastrous, but I didn’t let that stop me from pushing through and trying again.

Obvious vs Unexpected Traps

Let’s take a look at how a trap can subvert players’ expectations.

Railroading: Plot & Player Agency

At the core, the problem is when the plot overtakes player agency.

How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Campaign Planning

There’s a holy grail for GMs. Strangely enough, I think I’ve found mine. Shockingly, it was OneNote.

Use This 10 Idea Checklist To Fix Your Pacing

You might use only one or two items from your checklist. You might not use any. It’s a check-in in case you need to adjust the overall pacing of the session.

Rumours – Delivery Methods & A Request for Help

Rumours are very important to provide information to your players.

Worlds of Design: RPGs in Just Six Words

How much detail do you need to know to run a particular setting in FRPG?