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Running the Game

Timing and Pacing Adventures

Many times when we’re running our Dungeons & Dragons adventures, we aren’t too worried about time.

Panicked Players and Planning

But this behaviour I’ve seen from a lot of players: they get obsessed with one thing and don’t think about alternatives.

Build Your World With This Cool Map

Here’s a simple world-building method from Reddit user MordecaiKravits.

How I Run a Citycrawl Campaign

My goal is to take the feel of openness, freedom, and agency associated with typical sandbox play, but largely confined within the space of a single city.

How to Have a Session Zero for Your Tabletop Roleplaying Game

The first thing to keep in mind about having a good session zero is it’s just a conversation, albeit a steered, and somewhat guided conversation with some groups.

How to Introduce a New Character in the Middle of a Campaign

Just make sure that the character will work well with the party and the introduction happens quickly and sensibly and everyone at the table will be happy!

One Way to Use Trello as a Game Master

Trello is a handy tool for a variety of purposes. As a GM I’ve come to love it. For my Degenesis campaign I created two boards – one for player-facing info, one for GM-only info.

Useful Tips for Convention Gamemasters

Running an RPG at a convention is a lot of fun. You get to represent your favorite RPG and act as its ambassador.

I gave an overpowered item in D&D. Now what?

When you gave an overpowered item in D&D you have the best intentions. Now it is time for damage control by minimizing the actual effects of the item.

Making a Low Magic Campaign for 5E D&D Work

Hail, and well met! Today I’ll be exploring something I’ve recently been asked about an awful lot lately through Discord — the concept of a low magic campaign in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons