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Light and Vision Tables

Some confusion is understandable when managing dark environments in 5th Edition D&D.

The Best Battlemaster Maneuvers (incl. Unearthed Arcana + Homebrew)

As I mentioned in a recent post, Battlemaster Maneuvers came as a welcome surprise to me upon first leafing through the 5th edition Player’s Handbook.

Proficiency Scaling

D&D’s May 2020 Unearthed Arcana introduced a new technique for class features: proficiency scaling. Let’s take a look at this new mechanic with an eye for evaluating the benefits and detriments versus the traditional methods.

Dodge & Disengage: Do They Need Tweaking?

Few players at my table ever remember to use the Disengage and Dodge actions, which is probably why it’s taken me about four years to realise they are way too powerful. Or, at the very least, they are immersion breaking.

Expertise Skill Hack

5th Edition D&D has a skill problem. It lies in a feature called expertise.

13 of the Craziest Quirks in the Dungeons & Dragons Rules

Eventually, everyone who plays Dungeons & Dragons finds a place where rules seem to defy logic and common sense.

Old School Fireball Backdraft

All the way back in Original Dungeons & Dragons, the fireball (then two words) used to take up the full volume of a space. So, if you cast a fireball in a room to small to contain it, the blast would expand to other rooms.

Even More Commonly Confused Rules in D&D 5e

The more I dug into the lesser known or often misinterpreted rules of Dungeons & Dragons, the more material I found to discuss.

Going Toe-to-Toe with the Monk’s Stunning Strike Feature

Stunning Strike is a solid feature. However, it’s not impossible, or even difficult to keep it in check as a DM.

How Does Shapechanger Work?

Today we’re exploring a rules clarification with the new Eberron Changeling.