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Breath Weapon Dice Pools

Torching (acidifying, electrifying, poisoning, freezing) the whole party with a dragon’s breath weapon is hands-down one of the most fun moments as a Dungeon Master.

Initiative Alternative: Side-Based Combat

DnD 5e’s ordered initiative can be improved. Like, a lot. Step-by-step going through the order can slog things way down.

Shield Master Unleashed

Everyone agrees that characters should be able to charge an opponent with a shield and shove them to the ground.

How Well Do You Understand Invisibility in Dungeons & Dragons?

Despite all my years playing D&D—or perhaps because of them, invisibility in fifth edition often defies my expectations.

Year of 4E: Minions

Once again we come to 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons! This time I want to explore a topic that is both the tip of the iceberg and a topic that can stand on its own: minions.

Diving Into Underwater Combat in Dungeons & Dragons

Combat in tabletop games can take place in a wide range of challenging terrains — mountainsides, caves, even airships where you can easily plummet to your death. However, one location that pops up more often than you might expect is underwater.

Rules Might Limit Dungeon Masters, But They Also Protect Players

There is another reason I prefer games with a lot of rules, though. It’s because, simply put, I think you’re less likely to get screwed if you have a contract that spells out how everything works.

Categories of XP Systems

For some, the XP systems are the lifeblood of the campaign, the juicy reward you work for through your adventure. However, as with any system, the Experience Points can be much more than a simple carrot to dangle in front of your players.

Using the Search Action: Investigation or Perception?

We’re back at it again with another deep dive into a specific D&D 5e mechanic. This time it’s the Search action, which is a bit of an anomaly as it’s an action that I believe confuses the DM way more often than it would a player.

Things You Didn’t Know About D&D 5E: Conditional Bonus Actions

If the players really want the freedom to flavour the order as they like, there are many ways you can fine-tune the mechanics for your table’s preferences.