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Improve Your Range of NPC Voices with These GM Tips

Storytellers need to act out, narrate, and engage in witty repartee from a variety of NPC’s—often without any warning.

3 Acting Tips for Better Role Play

Looking to improve your role play at the table? Ryan has 3 tips from the world of acting that can help you out.

Character Development: Confidence

Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about how doubt can be a compelling character flaw. Recently it occurred to me that the opposite is true as well, and a character’s growth to confidence and security of self can make for an interesting character too.

Is Resource Management in D&D Metagaming or a Matter of Perspective?

Does your fighter know they can dig deep and reinvigorate themselves at will, needing either a 1 hour or 8 hour rest period before doing it again? Are bards aware of the limits of their own charm before they, too, need a solid night’s sleep to replenish?

Finding your Character’s Voice

Who are you? Who am I? What makes us who we are, what drives us, and how do we express these things? All these questions are a good opening to talking about character voice!

In the Tavern

Taverns are a great place for the players to casually engage in roleplaying. There’s a reason players are drawn to having characters visit inns and bars, beyond the fact that it’s just a common fantasy trope.

Roleplaying 101: Improvising Your Way to Victory

Whether you’re playing dozens of NPCs as a Dungeon Master or playing a single character as a player, learning the basics of improvisation will make you a better D&D player, and will help you have more fun playing the game.

The One Page On How To Roleplay

What I found fascinating is that there is basically one page in the PHB on roleplaying. Dungeons & Dragons is the original RPG, and yet players are given very little information on how to deal with roleplaying and social interaction.

Tips to Improve your Improv & Quick Thinking Skills

One of the best skills a GM / DM can learn for Tabletop gaming is the ability to improvise during a game.

How to Play a Werewolf Like an Apex Predator

Werewolves are among the most iconic monsters of European folklore and Western fantasy.