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A Guide to Roleplaying Half Elves

Whereas a half-orc has to often deal with the negative perception of their orcish blood, half-elves often don’t carry that same stigma. However, there are great opportunities for roleplay here.

A Guide to Roleplaying Half-Orcs

Half-orcs are perhaps my favorite race when it comes to roleplaying possibilities.

A Guide to Roleplaying Elves

Elves are among the most popular races, second only to the ubiquitous humans.

Dungeon Master: Voicing Characters

You might have a temptation to voice act all of the characters the players run across. However, this comes with difficulties and that’s what I hope to go over today.

Why Does He Do That? (Thinking About Your Character’s Habits)

No matter who your character is, they had a life before they show up at the table. If they have a quirk, ask where it came from.

How to Play a Demon like an Engine of Chaos

As a Dungeon Master, you should endeavor to fill your players with overwhelming dread in every encounter with demons, from the lowliest dretch to Demogorgon himself.

How to Play a Devil like a Lawyer from Hell

Violence is rarely a devil’s first thought when facing a mortal being.

Role Playing a Shopkeeper – Better NPCs

NPCs are the primary way in which the DM brings direct voice into the narrative.

Player Advice: Roll-Playing

React as if your character would depending on the result of the roll. When you roll for an action, and you do incredibly poor, or incredibly well, then describe how you fail in character.

Getting into Character: Role Playing Tips

Role playing can be intimidating, especially when you are trying out a new character!