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Candlekeep Mysteries Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

Candlekeep Mysteries is out and so are a lot of reviews. Let’s take a look at what other critics think of D&D’s literary adventure anthology and how it compares to my E.N. World review.

Candlekeep Mysteries is a D&D book that belongs on every Dungeon Master’s bookshelf

Wizards of the Coast made sure to leave room in the margins for dreaming.

Inkarnate Pro Review: Is it the Best map making tool?

Inkarnate is one of my favorite map-making tools that I use most of the time when I’m creating world or region maps.

Review: Campaign Cartographer Mapping Software

If your goal is to produce the widest variety of maps with the ability to tweak and change most setting and you are willing to take the time to learn its quirks then Campaign Cartographer, Dungeon Designer and City Designers are for you.

A Quick Look at the Dungeon Master’s Tools of Tasha’s

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything has a lot of interesting material in it. As I am far more likely to be the Dungeon Master rather than a player, I thought I might share with you a few thoughts about the new material in the “Dungeon Master’s Tools” chapter.

The real deal: A review of Cyberpunk Red

Is it worth buying Cyberpunk Red if you already have the quickstart? Absolutely, yes.

Review: Kobold Press: Tome of Beasts 2

Tome of Beasts II (ToB2) is a 2020 Kickstarter which raised USD$413,021 to bring more than 400 new monsters created by both game designers and backer contributors to the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game.

Field Notes 5E Character Journal Review

Field Notes, makers of fine journals and notebooks, have created an amazing product for 5e in the form of The Field Notes 5E Character Journal.

Review: Brightlance’s Tome of Knighthood

I’ve been beyond excited for this release, but the end result is more than I could have hoped for!

RPG Product Review: The Dungeon Books of Battle Mats

Loke Battle Mats has a fantastic book you need to pick up, particularly if you want to be able to quickly set up a game and get playing on the fly. No need to bury the lede.