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Product Announcement

Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign for Call of Cthulhu RPG has been reprinted after over 20 years

Alongside Horror on the Orient Express.

Next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book reboots the many realms of Ravenloft

30 different settings, 30 different villains, plus a whole lot more

Zine Quest brings tabletop role-playing back to its roots with tiny, affordable books

Third annual Kickstarter puts a spotlight on independent creators

Candlekeep Mysteries Unveiled! Everything We Know About the New D&D Book

The first D&D book of 2021 is Candlekeep Mysteries, an anthology book featuring 17 new adventures for characters of 1st to 16th level!

“Ultimate edition” of RuneQuest creator’s King Arthur Pendragon RPG on the way, 6E quickstart and adventure out now

Sixth Edition announcement follows passing of designer Greg Stafford in 2018.

The Paragon Blade is a head-to-head fantasy RPG for just two people from Trail of Cthulhu maker

Powered by One-2-One version of GUMSHOE system.

Borderlands’ in-fiction Dungeons & Dragons spoof is being turned into a real-life RPG

Tiny Tina’s Bunkers & Badasses is on the way with the help of the team behind Root

.dungeon is a tabletop RPG love letter to making friends online

Inspired by MMORPGs and isekai manga.

Dungeons & Dragons is getting its own set of Magic: The Gathering cards in 2021

Wizards announced a crossover for the ages — the first set of Magic cards based on Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms.

The Red Opera RPG

5E Campaign and Setting in a City Where Warlocks Reign Eternal