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Product Announcement

Beginner-friendly RPG Quest is now available to schools, libraries and counsellors for free

+1 to Learning.

Wild West stealth-action video game Desperados III sneaks out a free pen-and-paper RPG

Whose western is it?

Alien and Dead Space-inspired RPG Those Dark Places arriving this autumn

Venture into the darkest corners of the galaxy in Those Dark Places, an upcoming sci-fi horror RPG inspired by the likes of Alien and Dead Space.

The Next D&D Storyline is Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden!

This horror-fantasy adventure takes heroes to the frigid wastes of Icewind Dale as a divine evil descends upon land, threatening the Forgotten Realms with eternal night.

Roll20’s first exclusive RPG Burn Bryte releasing next month, designed specifically to be played online

Exclusive to virtual roleplaying platform.

You can now officially play Dungeons & Dragons in the League of Legends universe

Get started in the pirate town of Bilgewater

Classic Spanish fantasy RPG Aquelarre is being released in English for the very first time

30 years after it debuted.