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Playing the Game

No, You Can’t Cast Magic Missile at the Darkness (and Other Weird Rules)

For one of D&D’s most iconic and basic spells, Magic Missile sure has a lot of weird rulings around it. I’m here to help you understand them. Let’s dig in!

Character Histories and the Campaign

You can play an entire Dungeons & Dragons campaign and enjoy yourself thoroughly without giving a thought as to your character’s past history. Likewise, you can find creating a detailed history enhances your enjoyment.

Failure is Fun in 5E D&D

Failure is fun. You read right — one of my favorite things in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons is failure.

Players, Remember, Nobody is a Jerk to Everyone All The Time

No matter what happened, no matter what you did, or how you tried to roleplay with them, the character had one setting, and it was being a jerk

Genre Police: Player Roles

In this series of GMs RPG tips, the Genre Police help you identify the roles your players might be fulfilling in the group dynamics and how to work with that for a better game.

Make Your D&D Magic Stand Out with Personalized Spells

Let’s talk about Magic. For many of us, it’s the driving motivator, the spark that ignited the flame of our love of the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons.

Combating Burnout

Playing D&D should be fun. If it’s not, take the time to figure out why and put a plan into action.

What Keeps Your Character Traveling?

Before you put together another traveling adventurer with worn down bootheels and a cloak that’s just getting ragged around the edges, take a moment to consider just how many reasons there are to be on the road.

Worlds of Design: Write it Down!

Hector Berlioz, the 19th century French composer, said “every composer knows the anguish and despair occasioned by forgetting ideas which one had no time to write down.”

Consent in Gaming: Roleplaying Safety Tools

Consent in Gaming and Roleplaying Safety Tools are just that, tools. They help make the game what everyone at the table wants to make it.