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Playing the Game

The Perfect D&D Party

D&D has always worked on the assumption that adventurers work together as a group. Which group, then, works best?

Getting started in D&D

This article will cover the basics, but it will also try to be comprehensive and realistic on all the expectations and information that you will need to get started.

How to play tabletop RPGs by yourself: A beginner’s guide to solo roleplaying

Rules and resources for solo tabletop RPGs have become more prolific in recent years, with designers crafting their own systems and adapting fan favorites for parties of one.

Team Building (or How to Bond without Killing People)

Sitting around a table with a group of your friends and trying to work as a cohesive unit can be extremely challenging, let alone attempting to do so with people you barely know.

Using Henchmen in Dungeons & Dragons

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide introduced me to the concept of henchmen. They were a follower loyal to your main character and provided another character that you could control.

How to Have Great Social Interaction in D&D

How do you build in good social interaction in Dungeons and Dragons?

Roleplay in Combat

So how can we incorporate roleplaying into more aspects of the game? How do we RP combat?

Running Multiple Characters

When you’re a player in a roleplaying game, you generally immerse yourself in the role of a character. But sometimes you might want or need to be more than one character at a time.

Four Fantasy Games That Aren’t D&D

What non-D&D, and non-D&D-esque/based games are there out there for you? Let’s talk fantasy games!

Pros and cons of online play

Online play is not without its challenges, of course. That said, it can also bring with it certain advantages, and, done properly, it can be almost as fun as live play.