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5 Rules For GMing Awesome NPCs

“I focus too much on the mechanics. How do I bring my NPCs to life?”

4 Components of Crafting NPCs for your RPG Experiences

Let’s sit down and talk a little bit about how to craft a good NPC for tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

4 Ways to Make NPCs Likeable in your RPG Experiences

Here are some methods I’ve gathered to narrow the margin for error and throw an NPC at your party they’ll like both in and out of character.

Two Critical Qualities to Make Your 5E D&D NPCs Memorable

I believe you can present NPCs in more compelling ways though and the video inadvertently shows two great ways to do so.

Crafting Memorable Villains

In a previous post I discussed how to make creatures and NPCs your own, narratively and mechanically. Now, I’m going to talk about making memorable villains.

3 Traits Every Believable NPC Needs

So you want to create a believable NPC. There are a lot of ways to start the process, but before you start hammering out details, you need to lay a sturdy foundation.

Character Archetypes for Quick NPCs

Here are some character archetypes you can use to quickly create NPCs on the fly.

Make NPCs Part of Your Story (It Makes Everything More Interesting)

Every player has little tics, and one of mine is that I have a habit of stealing NPCs, and sucking them into my character’s personal gravitational pull.

Remember The Name: Tips For NPC Creation

Our players tend to glob onto NPCs when we least expect it. What determines whether an NPC will exhibit that ‘star-status’ and become beloved by the party?

How To Build A Large Character Gallery

Using the following methods, you can gain a large collection of non-player characters to use as pre-generated player characters or as NPCs that are just as detailed as normal PCs with little effort.