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How To Build A Large Character Gallery

Using the following methods, you can gain a large collection of non-player characters to use as pre-generated player characters or as NPCs that are just as detailed as normal PCs with little effort.

Folkloric Villains

Folklore is full of villains and antagonists. By a striking coincidence, so are RPG campaigns!

New Dungeons & Dragons Supplement Adds Over 100 Ready-Made NPCs

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement gives DMs over 100 new NPCs to use in or out of combat.

Make A Memorable Villain

Making a memorable villain is one of the most important tools that a Game Master can have in their GM Tool belt.

Extraordinary Folkloric NPCs

European folklore is full of odd characters that are neither truly hero nor villain.

An Excess Of Character: Faster NPCs

In the past, I’ve looked at NPC Descriptions, and asked, How Much Is Enough?

On NPC Names

Some DMs have a gift for coming up with the perfect name on the spot. Others flip through Xanathar’s Guide or another name list.

The One Thing You Want to Know About NPCs in RPGs

Today we’re going to be talking about character motivations, particularly of the NPC variety, in tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

NPC Relationships and Reputation in D&D Factions

Your job as the Dungeon Master is to make NPCs feel like real people, and sometimes real people aren’t going to pay you more no matter how well you rolled because they just don’t have it.

DM Panic: Random NPCs 5

Hey everyone, I’m back with another batch of NPC’s for you to inject into your campaign: a boxer, a friendly troll, and a troll fisherman.