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Using the Zodiac to Determine Personalities for NPCs

As I began looking into it more, I realized how elaborate and detailed your characters can be, and how they can interact with your players.

Steal My Idea: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective NPCs

NPCs serve many purposes. They’re friends, allies, enemies, quest givers, shopkeeps, exposition dealers, and most importantly, their an integral part of what gives the world life.

The “I Know A Guy” Strategy For Adding NPCs To Your Game

While you can write entire notebooks full of characters, there is an easier way to fill out the roster of background characters at your game.

Creating Dynamic NPCs

Host Markeia McCarty is joined by Eric Campbell to discuss the best ways to create dynamic and engaging NPCs for your campaign!

Guide to creating memorable NPCs

Did you ever have trouble creating likable NPCs for your world? Having faced this in the past, I did some research from experienced DMs and created my own steps to creating some memorable characters for my players to interact with.

How to Make Non-Player Characters That Your players Will Like

How can a dungeon master make players care about other, imaginary people? To help answer that question, I’ve gathered advice from more than 100 DMs.

DM Panic: Random NPCs 4

It’s another DM Panic, and this time we’re giving you three different mob bosses!

GM Diary: Creating NPCs

The world is full of people, so should your game.

DM Panic: Random NPCs 3

These characters are fluid enough to fit in nearly any setting, and any of them can be the villain of a last minute plot.

Leveraging NPC Relationships in Tabletop RPGs

NPC relationships are built on your character’s reputation within the NPC’s community as well as their direct interactions with the NPC.