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D&D Monster Monday: Mind Flayer

Mind the tentacles as we make our way into the Monster Manual to learn all about the psionic terror, the mind flayer.

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Owlbear

I mean, this is clearly an owl-like creature…and like a bear.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Manticore

Manticores are based on Persian myth, and have been in D&D at least since the days of BECMI. Here they are present in both the Monster Manual and the Vault.

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Myconid

The work on My Dad’s Monster Manual continues, let’s see what he thinks of the myconid.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk have been in D&D since its beginnings, when they were known by the less inclusive name of “lizard men”.

Deep Dive – The Dryad

The Dryad originates as a tree spirit from Greek mythology and would inhabit trees and forests.

D&D Monster Monday: Chimera

Enter the chimera. A creature that is part goat, part red dragon, and part lion. A creature with air superiority, fire breath, and deadly natural weapons. They’re terrifying creatures to stand face to face with and they have zero mercy due to the demonic magics that created them.

Low Level Builds – Multiclassing

There are so many great combinations that everyone is going to have their opinion on what is best, and that is a great thing.

My Top Monster Villains

The requirements for my list are I can only list monsters I have GM’d or made adventures for. In some cases I did the prep but the villain did not come into play for some reason.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Lich

Lichs are the original horrible undead wizards of D&D, having existed since the beginning. They’re both in the 4e Monster Manual and the Vault.