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D&D Monster Monday: Galeb Duhr

Galeb duhr are magical creatures that can shift their appearance so expertly that they’re practically indistinguishable from a boulder.

Making Your Monsters Matter

I play my monsters the way the players play their own characters.

D&D Monster Monday: Okiti Swashbuckler

Okiti are curious rat-like creatures. They live short, but adventurous lives on the high seas or in cities that boast major naval traffic.

Mutating the Monster Manual

One of the my favorite tools for creating fascinating creatures, encounters, and campaigns was found in the Monster Manual. It took me a while to find it. The tool isn’t listed in the table of contents, nor in the appendix.

D&D Monster Monday: Wurm

If it’s a city you want to be leveled or an adventuring party you want to be eaten, the wurm is just the creature for the job.

How to Play a Troll like a Relentless Survivor

Trolls are one of D&D’s most iconic monsters, because of their horrific powers of regeneration. Though trolls appear in countless European folkloric traditions, none possess the remarkable abilities that make D&D trolls so iconic.

Deep Dive – The Mimic

Mimics. The strange shapeshifting goo-like creature that becomes a perfect representation of whatever it needs to trick people into wanting to touch it. How did this stress inducing monster come to be?

D&D Monster Monday: Pseudodragon

There it is, you’ve found it, the bounty the old wizard told you to find. A pseudodragon! As you approach it, slowly and cautiously, you get the feeling of dread, panic, and fear. Something isn’t right…

D&D Monster Monday: Sea Spawn

So raise the sails, man the bow, (I have no idea how ships work) and be sure not to piss off any krakens or sea hags. Today we dive into the statblock of the sea spawn!

Deep Dive – The Kobold

The Kobold. Those annoying little rat-like creatures that have somehow survived through the editions, even though they only have 1-4 hit points.