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Dungeons & Dragons – A Guide to the Lich

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the most iconic D&D monsters: the lich. We’ll check out the lich from each edition, discuss the transformation process and phylacteries, and then we’ll go through the many lich variants from D&D books from the past.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Dryad

Dryads originated in Greek mythology, where they were a type of nymph.

Monster Spotlight: Black Dragons

No monster is more iconic to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS than the dragon.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Dwarf

As with dragonborn, this entry is for dwarves that can serve as opposition or allied NPCs. They’re present in both the Monster Manual and the Monster Vault.

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Bulette

I should have a nice batch of critters coming in Feburary for everyone. In the meantime, how about another preview? Here’s my dad’s take on the bulette!

D&D Monster Monday: Shadow

Beware the shadows! Today we’re going to creep into that weird abandoned house on the hill and see what the Monster Manual has in store for us!

Untested 5th Edition: Hydroid Monsters

I woke up this morning with a cool idea for how to handle hydras in D&D.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Red Dragon

Red dragons have made it to the cover of the core books in multiple editions, and they’re the ones you think about when you read the words “lays waste to the countryside”.

Creature Companion: Rust Monster

Rust Monsters are subterranean monstrosities that feed on metals of all kinds. Iron, steel, Mithril, Adamantite, all are potential food for Rust Monsters.

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Ankheg

Time to show off another critter created by my father and I created! This time he totally rewrote the story of the ankheg. He saw them as wise, amphibious critters. Take a look!