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Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual 2: Archons, Storm

Continuing our look at the MM2 Archons entry we arrive at Storm Archons.

Forgotten dragons, part two: metallics

Last month I focused on the lost chromatics: brown, purple, grey, orange, pink, and yellow dragons. Today I am going to look at the metallics. You will already know about brass, copper, bronze, silver, and gold – but there are others!

D&D Monster Monday: Wyvern

Wyverns are the little cousins of dragons. Their general physiology is similar to the dragon albeit with a few noticeable differences.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual 2: Ankheg

Ankhegs appear in AD&D 1st Edition, and they would go on to achieve minor fame among players because of their lore.

How To Use Zombies In Your Encounters?

Zombies are one of the most iconic monstrous creatures not only in D&D and fantasy.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual 2: Ant, Giant

“Ant, Giant” is the actual title for the entry. Now that’s some old-school naming! Giant ants have been part of the game since the beginning, so this style feels appropriate.

Forgotten dragons, part one: chromatics

The 5th edition Monster Manual has ten true dragons: five chromatics and five metallic. True dragons become more powerful as they get older. There are also ‘lesser dragons’, like faerie dragons, pseudodragons, and wyverns, but that’s a whole other topic.

Deep Dive – The Invisible Stalker

Summoned from another plane, these creatures will complete a job you give them, but that doesn’t mean you should expect them to be happy about it.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Worg

The first time I see the name “Worg” is in the AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual, where it was synonymous with “dire wolf”.

How To Play Oozes Like Body-Devouring Terrors

Unlike a normal monster that might be satisfied with killing a character, oozes are motivated by the undiscriminating desire to consume everything in their path!