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Spell Fix: Avoid the Zone of Truth Torture Chamber

Confession: I hate Zone of Truth.

7 Exciting Hardcore Homebrew Rules for DnD 5e

Playing DnD 5e it for a long time, I started to want something a little bit more out of it.

Homebrew – Knowledge Checks

This week I’m looking at the Intelligence ability score in Dungeons & Dragons and how it can be used in your games to help give players an edge.

3 Halloween-Themed Magic Items for Your Players

Being these spooky items, they work best when wielded by the villains of your campaign or Halloween one-shot.

Seven Unique D&D 5e Homebrew Rules

One of the cool things about Dungeons & Dragons is that the rules are easy to modify and change, which means you can create your own rules for cool new features.

5e: Expanding Icewind Dale, Part I – Frozen Sick

This post is aimed at Dungeon Masters looking to add extra material to their Icewind Dale campaign.

Scrutinizing the 9 Most Popular House Rules for D&D

What are the most popular house rules for D&D and how do they stand to scrutiny?

Sleep Spell Reawakening

Let’s take a look under the hood, check out the balance, and see if we can come up with some recommendations for tweaking the sleep spell in your home game.

Homebrew – Starting Abilities Variant

When you can empower the player with more options, it gives them the option to try new things and create a game that they want to play.

Untested 5th Edition: Streamlined Skills

In 5th Edition, of course, skills are only half the story. You’ve also got tool proficiencies.