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3 Halloween-Themed Magic Items for Your Players

Being these spooky items, they work best when wielded by the villains of your campaign or Halloween one-shot.

Seven Unique D&D 5e Homebrew Rules

One of the cool things about Dungeons & Dragons is that the rules are easy to modify and change, which means you can create your own rules for cool new features.

5e: Expanding Icewind Dale, Part I – Frozen Sick

This post is aimed at Dungeon Masters looking to add extra material to their Icewind Dale campaign.

Scrutinizing the 9 Most Popular House Rules for D&D

What are the most popular house rules for D&D and how do they stand to scrutiny?

Sleep Spell Reawakening

Let’s take a look under the hood, check out the balance, and see if we can come up with some recommendations for tweaking the sleep spell in your home game.

Homebrew – Starting Abilities Variant

When you can empower the player with more options, it gives them the option to try new things and create a game that they want to play.

Untested 5th Edition: Streamlined Skills

In 5th Edition, of course, skills are only half the story. You’ve also got tool proficiencies.

Smites Without Spell Slots

Let’s hack smites to reinvigorate Paladin spellcasting, discourage multiclassing for the sake of powergaming, and promote more dynamic play styles.

Epic House Rules: Talented Checks

If your game features lots of ability checks, and your characters use their skill and tool proficiencies all over the place, this new Talented Checks house rule can speed up your game, make your characters feel more like competent heroes, and make it easier to run mystery and social intrigue adventures.

‘Caterpillar Method’ for Character Stat Generation

Bored of the old ways? Got a sore wrist? Hate your DM … well we’ve got you covered!
Generate the standard six D&D stats using one throw of 3D6 (plus some rules).