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Alternate Barbarian Rages

In general, barbarian subclasses take the base rage feature and tack on more functions to that.

Animal Companions: Training Mechanics

Back in August, I wrote a post about incorporating Animal Companions into your D&D party. I enjoyed the topic so much, I wanted to explore it further!

Epic House Rules: Potion Toxicity and Quick Drinking

Here’s one variant rule that many D&D groups already use, just through intuition. Critical Role even used a similar rule in their first campaign.

How to Make Quick Magic Weapons

Magic weapons are always a fun thing to throw into a game. The problem is that there aren’t enough in the books!

6 Simple Steps to Create Custom DnD Weapons Quickly

While Dungeons and Dragons already has an impressive set of weapons to choose from, sometimes you want something custom.

Retreat Rules for D&D 5e

Yesterday, there was a little bit of discussion about retreat in D&D, as well as how 13th Age supports the concept of retreat.

Making Tools Useful in 5e: Painter’s Supplies

Today is the Painter’s Supplies! And quite frankly… It’s a bit of relief to be getting so close to the end of our tools.

How to Handle Downtime Investigation

It may only have been playtested once in my table, but I am pretty sure this mechanic is here to stay.

Making Tools Useful in 5e: Calligrapher’s Supplies

Regardless, I’m making a core component of this tool the ability to hide codes inside of a document… so that, has some sort of use for adventurers right?

A Handful of Magic Items 15

Today we have a magic monocle, a destiny-altering die, and dust of dragons with transformative effects!