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Western Gunfight (1970): the First RPG?

In 1970, a group of UK gamers located in Bristol published the first edition of their Western Gunfight rules, which recorded systems they had been running locally since the late 1960s.

A Date for Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! Galore

All too often the products themselves give us little indication of when they were made, as was the case with today’s subject, Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! Galore. But with the help of distributor catalogs, we can show how it became available in 1980.

The Invention of the d4

When it comes to using Platonic solids as dice, the d4 is something of a special case.

9 Facts About the First D&D Module, Palace of the Vampire Queen

Before Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft came Palace of the Vampire Queen, a dungeon written by California gamers Pete and Judy Kerestan and distributed by TSR Hobbies.

Does System Matter?

Dungeons & Dragons started out as a game with such an adaptable and open-ended set of rules that early adopters questioned whether any further published RPG systems were even necessary

Immersion and Role Playing in the 1970s

The idea that role playing involved a property called “immersion” occurred to the early adopters of the 1970s fairly early.

The Origins of Rule Zero

The idea that a gamemaster has the discretion to alter or discard published rules was not an invention of role-playing games

d6s to Roll for Wandering Monsters in 1980

It doesn’t get more old school than rolling a d6 to check for wandering monsters in a dungeon.

Early Play-by-Post D&D in Britain

et’s look at early play-by-post D&D in Britain, including dungeons like the Anubis Labyrinths.

TSR vs. the Internet Part 2—From They Sue Regularly to Open Gaming

In 1994 TSR, the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, struck two blows aimed at containing fan-created D&D content on the Internet.