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Encounter Building

Art of the Encounter in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

One of the things we enjoy the most about tabletop roleplaying games is the collaboration taking place between Game Masters and players during a game.

A Guide to Building Encounters in D&D 5e

This article is meant to provide a number of encounter building guidelines in order to keep your players engaged, tax their resources, and make them think outside the box.

Challenge: Think of multiple solutions for your next encounter

We’ve all seen the classical combat encounters while traveling between cities. Monsters appear, and there is only one way through: killing them.

How to Create Epic Encounters

One of the core complaints I have of Fifth Edition’s word choice in this matter is that the term “Deadly” when applied to encounters, doesn’t really mean deadly, especially if the party is fully-rested.

Running an Epic Encounter

Conflict in tabletop roleplaying games should never feel routine.

5 Ways To Intensify Your Encounters

Today I have five excellent examples from those GMs of how to ramp up the excitement and drama of your games.

Formatting Encounters

Using one format for all types of adventures unchangingly is a problem. You want to adapt the format according to the style of adventure (investigation, exploration, combat-heavy, event-driven, etc.)

AGE-Influenced Random Encounters

I’ve come to quite enjoy the AGE (Adventure Game Engine) System from Green Ronin. For a longer time, I’ve been interested in random encounter tables.

Key Mechanics: Line of Sight

Using line of sight to add dynamism to your map and encounter is designs is cool, and so are you. Let’s dig into this simple but infinite mechanic.

GM Inspiration: Revising the Goblin Encounter With Different Storytelling Styles

Goblins are a pervasive early encounter option for multiple game systems