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Improving the Rules of DND’s Deck of Many Things

Regardless of which ruleset you use, every fan of D&D should include running or drawing from the Deck of Many Things on their bucket list.

How Dungeons and Dragons let me Write my Fantasy Novel

When you interact with your friends, you watch your world come alive in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed.

New Documentary Casts a Light on the Art and Artists of D&D

Eye of the Beholder is a compelling documentary that turns the lens on the past and present of Dungeons & Dragons.

How Playing Dungeons and Dragons Made Me a Better Product Manager

D&D is more than a successful product. The game provides invaluable lessons that I’ve applied throughout my career.

Thieves in Dungeons and Dragons

In any case what is clear is that the thief, or rogue, class is an essential class for Dungeons and Dragons.

How Often Do Critical Hits Underperform?

Critical Hits are often the subject of homebrew rules.

Year of 4E: Power Sources

Today I want to talk about something that is both pretty significant and fairly unimportant: power sources.

Spell Spotlight: Wish

This week on Todd Talks, Todd Kenreck gathered a panel of sharp-minded D&D players: Lauren Urban, Jen Kretchmer, and Jim Davis, to talk about controversial spells in D&D.

D&D Adventures League Play – Conventions, Stores, Home, Online

This is the first purpose of the D&D Adventurers League: Introducing new players to D&D.

In 1981 a Troll Named Grimtooth Set a Path for Today’s D&D Books

Grimtooth set the pattern for new Dungeons & Dragons books like Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.