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Character Creation

Dungeons & Dragons 5E bard class explained

Pick the best spells, master Bardic Inspiration and choose the right college to capture the hearts of allies and enemies alike.

Creating Awesome Characters

How do you go about creating a character in D&D?

What Are Your Character’s Superstitions?

Take a moment and think about what superstitions you have. Where did you pick them up? Can you even remember?

Don’t let your Character be a Cliche

Let’s take a look at three of the most worn-out backstories/backgrounds there are. Don’t fret because we have some suggestions on how to twist them into something a bit different.

Top 5 Ways to Make a TTRPG Character

Character creation in TTRPGs sis a big deal. often, when you make a character, you’re going to be stuck with them for quite a while if you’re playing a longer campaign.

Character Goals

When a character makes the decision to go out and adventure, it is with some goal in mind. Nobody risks life and limb for no reason.

RPG Guide to Practical Character Optimization — Part 1

Practical optimization is the technique of using the established rules of a given game system to make a character more effective.

Multiclassing like a boss

After playing D&D for a while, you might want to go beyond the original twelve character classes.

Instant Character Backstory

Here are 4 steps to build your backstory in 15 minutes.

Mapping the Road to Adventure | Tool Time with Cartographer’s Tools in 5E D&D

A cartographer character makes a wonderful adventurer, as they need little motivation beyond mapping an area.