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Character Creation

How Background Enhances Your D&D Character

The notion of your D&D character having a background is integral to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Bonds and flaws in characters

Bonds and flaws are fundamental parts in a player character in order to make your game feel more real.

Barbarian 101: Path of the Berserker

You are a berserker. The thrill of battle turns you into a warrior possessed by an uncontrollable and all-consuming frenzy.

What Organizations Does Your Character Belong To?

While there is no rule in a game saying your character can’t fly solo, you can get a lot of mileage out of asking what groups they owe their allegiance to.

Five Facets of a Compelling D&D Character

If you create a compelling character, it greatens the joy and entertainment of everything in the campaign.

Character Development: Confidence

Quite some time ago, I wrote a post about how doubt can be a compelling character flaw. Recently it occurred to me that the opposite is true as well, and a character’s growth to confidence and security of self can make for an interesting character too.

Roleplaying 101: Building a Backstory

Some backstories are so detailed that they shut down any chance of organic character growth through the events played out at the table.

Create a backstory that is good both for you and your GM

Have you ever had that kind of character that has a simple backstory whose problem gets solved in the first 3 sessions?

How to Make a D&D Adventurers League Character on D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond teamed up with The Role Initiative at PAX East last weekend, and together we helped people create and print out characters to play in dozens of D&D Adventurers League games.

Creating Sub-Optimal Characters Is Not A Bad Thing

Let’s talk about how your choices to create a character that some may call ‘sub-optimal’ is not a bad thing.