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Character Creation

Exploring the Acolyte Background

In this series, we will be exploring each of the backgrounds presented in The Player’s Handbook, 5th edition and see how each can create an interesting character background for your next character. This week we start with the Acolyte background.

Dungeons and Dragons: 10 Best Melee Feats, Ranked

A well-chosen feat can be the foundation of an unforgettable Dungeons and Dragons character. These will boost a melee character so effectively.

New Player’s Guide: Making Your First Character

Welcome to New Player’s Guide, the first stop on your journey to playing D&D. This series has advice for players who’ve just joined their first D&D campaign, as well as Dungeon Masters who want help taking their new campaign to the next level.

Wizard 101: School of Abjuration

Class is back in session. This week, we explore an oft-forgotten side of the wizardly arts: the ability to protect others with magic, rather than destroying them.

Insight 101 – D&D Skills and Skill Checks

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons has a variety of skill proficiencies a player character gains, especially at character creation.

For Your Consideration – 1st Level Spells

Picking spells at any level can be nerve-wracking and it can get downright overwhelming if you can change up your spells every day.

Character Considerations for Adapting Published Campaigns for One-on-One Play

Where do we start when adapting a published campaign for one-on-one play? What should you take into account as the player in this situation while you prepare your PC?

Sorcerer 101: Wild Magic

Class is back in session. This week, the Weave trembles as a magical anomaly walks the face of the Material Plane.

Top 5 D&D Backgrounds

Backgrounds in D&D 5e are pretty simple. They’re mostly there for flavor, and to give players access to a few extra skills. But some of these backgrounds are objectively just a little better from a mechanical standpoint, so it’s worth making a list of the top 5 backgrounds.

Variant Human War Caster

Let’s take a look at how the numbers shake out if you’re playing a Variant Human or in a campaign where your DM lets you have a free feat at level 1.