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Campaign Building

The Secret Life of Nodes – Part 2: Node-Based Campaigns

When talking about node-based design, I’ve generally used examples of single scenarios (and usually quite simple scenarios).

Planning a Campaign

When planning a game of Dungeons & Dragons, a DM has to consider the short term, the mid term, and the long term.

How to Begin a D&D Campaign

The world is created, the characters are made, and the starting location is set, but how do you begin a Dungeons & Dragons campaign?

New Player’s Guide: Building Your Own Campaign Setting

You may have already chosen your first adventure, and you may have even started developing future adventures, but there’s one big problem. The world.

Campaign Development: 9 First Steps

Once you have a world, you need to build a campaign, this will give you an idea on where to start.

A Guide to Hexcrawling, Part 2: New Hexcrawling Mechanic

How do you make hexcrawls work and be fun with D&D 5e?

Start Campaigns With Unrelated One-Shot Adventures

While the purpose of starting a campaign with a one-shot is to introduce the players to the rules, the setting, or even just each other, it is still a one-shot. Try something new, get a little crazy, and above all, have fun with it.

How to make a D&D campaign.

When you make a D&D campaign there are many important steps. The most important is having a solid beginning and end. The middle should be almost bare.

Creating Legacy Campaigns

A legacy campaign is a campaign whose setting is derived from a previously run campaign and uses some or all of the past events, locations, and NPCs in the new campaign.

Beyond the Dice: Epic Campaigns

When it comes to creating an Epic Campaign, you’re going to have to put machinations behind machinations and weave it all together into a tapestry that feels REAL to the players!