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Lancer: Inside the cockpit of the mech RPG looking to a positive future for roleplaying – and the universe

Co-creators Miguel Lopez and Tom Parkinson-Morgan on drawing from classic sci-fi and moving away from D&D’s “old racist shit”.

Problem of Crafting solving every problem

Just like technology has solved basically every problem that plagued our civilisations in the past, so too can high-end Crafting solve pretty much every problem a system might have.

Legendary RPG designer Mike Pondsmith talks about the origins of Cyberpunk at PAX Online x EGX Digital

From his introduction to roleplaying to creating the world of the dark future.

A Look at Exploring Eberron, part 4: Uncharted Domains

Exploring Eberron is the new 240+ page sourcebook from Keith Baker (and company) that expands on Eberron lore, now available on the DMs Guild as a PDF or Print-on-Demand hardcover.

Dungeons & Dragons: Why Challenge Rating Calculators Will Always Be Wrong

Encounters in Dungeons & Dragons have too many variables to reduce to a perfect science no matter how hard fans keep trying.

7 Tabletop Games To Play If You Like D&D

If you’re feeling like a change of pace there’s no harm in trying one out. Besides, there’s always more D&D to be played.

Indie RPG bundle includes Thousand Year Old Vampire, Troika and games from Spire and Wanderhome creators for under a tenner

Saving nearly 90% on their usual combined cost.

How Popular is Dungeons and Dragons in your Country Compared to Others?

There has been much general commentary about the popularity of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Certainly all reports indicates that sales are up but how popular is the game by country?

The fatigue and loneliness of playing tabletop RPGs online in a pandemic

For players used to the intimacy of face-to-face sessions, taking games such as Dungeons & Dragons onto the internet can be exhausting and alienating.

Alignment’s Roots Go Deeper Than We Might Think (How Much Stuff Do You Lose Pulling It Out?)

If you’re someone who is serious about yanking alignment out by its roots, here are some things you’re going to have to change, re-write, or re-conceptualize.