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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Gamemaster

As a game master who has a 3D printer, I can produce a lot of interesting RPG products myself. So when it comes to gifts, they need to be unique enough that I can’t easily make them myself.

6 Reasons Why You Should Interview Someone with Dungeons & Dragons on Their Resume

Luckily, for us professional-types, this new brand of D&D enthusiast makes for interesting talents that can be vastly helpful in the workplace.

‘It’s cool now’: why Dungeons & Dragons is casting its spell again

Thanks to the popularity of open-world video games – and Stranger Things – a new generation has rediscovered the communal pleasures of the 80s role-playing phenomenon.

Narratives and Popular Roleplaying Games

Why are some roleplaying games more popular than others?

The RPG Zine Revolution

All the way back in February of this year, Kickstarter hosted an event called Zine Quest, where RPG creators launched a huge variety of projects – short, small, self-contained projects in the form of zines.

Random GM Tip – The Numbers That We Say

Not only can the flow of information around the gaming table be inefficient, it can also be confusing and burdensome.

The Delicious Freedom of D&D

I believe that D&D and other similar role-playing games have the potential to be a leading social and emotional learning tool.

The therapeutic value of RPGs

Almost since the invention of the hobby in 1971 claims have been made for the benefits of role-playing games.

Big Bad Con: A Lesson in Inclusion

It’s been almost two weeks since the end of Big Bad Con 2019, and I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on what I am now calling my favourite tabletop gaming convention.

Is Fifth Edition D&D Lifting All Boats?

So what are the effects of D&D’s preeminence on the market as a whole?