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How to Deal With Feeling Down in the Golden Era of RPGs

D&D and RPGs are more popular than ever! And yet, despite this looking so much like a new golden era, for a lot of people it feels hollow.

The Good DM: Hoax, Myth, Legend

The Good DM has done more damage to the self-esteem of many talented and creative DMs than anyone else in their lives.

Strong Moral Dilemmas in D&D and the Unwanted Kind that Keeps Appearing

The best tales climax when the heroes must choose between what they’ve learned is right and an easy route to what they thought they wanted.

How Dungeons and Dragons let me Write my Fantasy Novel

When you interact with your friends, you watch your world come alive in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed.

Maybe…Don’t Play D&D?

D&D is a genre, not a single game.

How Playing Dungeons and Dragons Made Me a Better Product Manager

D&D is more than a successful product. The game provides invaluable lessons that I’ve applied throughout my career.

What Gilligan’s Island Teaches us About Dungeons and Dragons

Aside from providing the perfect setup to waste a morning binge-watching classic TV, this arrangement of characters also describes every Dungeons and Dragons party ever created. And it reveals a truth about a tricky subject for DND: party formation.

How Dungeons & Dragons somehow became more popular than ever

Yes, D&D is back. But it’s cool now

6 Popular Things in D&D That I Fail to Appreciate

Even in Dungeons & Dragons, I fail to appreciate things that normal fans like. In this post, I confess to six lapses in taste.

Why the Cool Kids Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Fighting the dragon queen Tiamat is a much more satisfying way to spend time with my friends than social media ever was.