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Adventure Design

Let’s Design an Adventure: Building on the Pillars

What could be better than an exciting battle at the top of a crumbling volcano, a dangerous trek through charted, trap-filled territories, or a tense negotiation with a scheming despot? That’s easy! All three at the same time!

On Stat Blocks and Adventure Presentation

My thoughts on including stat blocks in adventure text are shaped by a lot of very poor examples of how to do so in the third and fourth edition era.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Encounters and the Three Pillars

Early in the design process that led to the fifth edition D&D rules, the game’s designers talked frequently about the “three pillars” of D&D: combat, exploration, and roleplaying/social interaction.

On the Importance of Clarity

It’s tricky writing adventures that are easy to prepare.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Boxed Text

If you’ve DMed, read, written, or even played D&D adventures at any point in the game’s existence, you are familiar with boxed text, which is also sometimes referred to as read-aloud text.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Adventure Hooks and Opening Scenes

The trope of starting your adventure in a tavern is overused because it works, and works very well.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Outlines and Frameworks

Creating D&D adventures is no different from other writing projects in that aspect: an outline is invaluable.

Let’s Design an Adventure!

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than creating a world with words, imagining a maelstrom of conflicts and possibilities into which an unsuspecting group of characters can be thrust.

How To Write the Perfect Roleplaying Game Starter Adventure

Starting a new roleplaying game campaign is one of my favorite things in the world.

25 Underground Cavern Adventure Seeds

We’re back and we’re getting low with today’s Adventure Seeds as we plumb into the depths of Underground Caverns!