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Adventure Design

Let’s Design an Adventure: Thinking Like a Designer

In this final installment of “Let’s Design an Adventure,” I want to look at navigating some of the ins and outs of adventure design in terms of putting together a finished product… and making sure you actually get to the end of your writing in the first place!

Let’s Design an Adventure: Putting Encounters Together

Creating an interesting, engaging, and fun encounter that moves an adventure along is a challenge for any adventure designer.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Building on the Pillars

What could be better than an exciting battle at the top of a crumbling volcano, a dangerous trek through charted, trap-filled territories, or a tense negotiation with a scheming despot? That’s easy! All three at the same time!

On Stat Blocks and Adventure Presentation

My thoughts on including stat blocks in adventure text are shaped by a lot of very poor examples of how to do so in the third and fourth edition era.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Encounters and the Three Pillars

Early in the design process that led to the fifth edition D&D rules, the game’s designers talked frequently about the “three pillars” of D&D: combat, exploration, and roleplaying/social interaction.

On the Importance of Clarity

It’s tricky writing adventures that are easy to prepare.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Boxed Text

If you’ve DMed, read, written, or even played D&D adventures at any point in the game’s existence, you are familiar with boxed text, which is also sometimes referred to as read-aloud text.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Adventure Hooks and Opening Scenes

The trope of starting your adventure in a tavern is overused because it works, and works very well.

Let’s Design an Adventure: Outlines and Frameworks

Creating D&D adventures is no different from other writing projects in that aspect: an outline is invaluable.

Let’s Design an Adventure!

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than creating a world with words, imagining a maelstrom of conflicts and possibilities into which an unsuspecting group of characters can be thrust.