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Submission Guidelines

At we post the best RPG related links, every day. The process to get a link accepted on the site is simple. First, send it to us using the Submit a Link form. Then, if the link meets our criteria, it is accepted and featured in the newsletter.

Here are some things that we look for in submissions:

Related to Role-playing Games

The first one is easy. If your submission is somehow related to tabletop role-playing games, it’s well on its way to being accepted.

High Effort

We focus on content that requires time and effort to produce. For example, we won’t feature content that only links to other original content.

New Content

We’re only looking to feature new content. If the link you’re submitting has been around for more than a month, it probably won’t be accepted. That said, an older link could be accepted if it didn’t get much attention we it was originally posted.

No Paid Products

As a general rule, we avoid featuring paid products because of the number of RPG releases every month.

There will be occasional exceptions to this rule, like major releases to existing RPG systems (For example, a new edition of D&D).

Everything look good? Then go submit your content!