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Monday, January 27

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Ankheg

Time to show off another critter created by my father and I created! This time he totally rewrote the story of the ankheg. He saw them as wise, amphibious critters. Take a look!

On Stat Blocks and Adventure Presentation

My thoughts on including stat blocks in adventure text are shaped by a lot of very poor examples of how to do so in the third and fourth edition era.

Why Dark Sun Was 4E’s Most Successful Setting (Part 2)

D&D’s 4th edition deliberately minimized the number of settings and the number of setting-dependent supplements it released. Despite this approach, Dark Sun was the most successful 4E setting and pleased fans old and new.

Mastering Modules (It’s Not as Easy as It Seems)

These modules are a fantastic way to pull together a session of Dungeons & Dragons, the trouble is, despite popular belief, there is absolutely a wrong way to run these.

Sunday, January 26

Why You Should Run One-Shots

For our purposes, One-Shots are any roleplaying game story-line designed to run a complete arc in one session.

Old School Fireball Backdraft

All the way back in Original Dungeons & Dragons, the fireball (then two words) used to take up the full volume of a space. So, if you cast a fireball in a room to small to contain it, the blast would expand to other rooms.

Dungeon Building: Entrances, Stairs, Passages and Secret Doors

In this second installment of my Dungeon Building series I am going to discuss five things which just about every dungeon will have.

D&D: When to Choose a Worse Roll Type for a Larger Modifier

An algorithm using R and probability.

Saturday, January 25

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Powerful Foes in D&D

DMs can use powerful foes in a variety of ways. They can be the big bad villain of a campaign, a backdrop in the campaign, or a message that the world is dangerous, unpredictable, and real.

Campaign Development: 9 First Steps

Once you have a world, you need to build a campaign, this will give you an idea on where to start.

The Massive Re-Rise In Popularity of Dungeons & Dragons

Over the last five years, there has a constant growth in the sales of “Dungeon & Dragons” (D&D) merchandise, with the numbers almost doubling.

Using Player-Owned Property to Generate Plot Hooks

Let’s talk about how we can use a player-owned property to generate plot hooks for the party to explore!

Friday, January 24

Alternative Dungeon Environments

I’ve been experimenting with alternative adventure settings, and by that I mean dungeons that aren’t underground (I’m in the D&D world).

Insight 101 – D&D Skills and Skill Checks

Fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons has a variety of skill proficiencies a player character gains, especially at character creation.

Worldbuilding Politics and Power: Part 2 – Organizations

The biggest factor in the power of an organization is its members.

Deep Dive – The Wraith

In a world filled with ghosts, specters, and wights, the Wraith stands alone as the shadowy creature that can create its legion of incorporeal creatures to fight alongside it.