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Monday, July 16

D&D Encounter Building & CR Budgets

I went and made a CR budget spreadsheet to determine my own rules for eyeballing the potential lethality of an encounter.

Achievements and Leveling Up

We’ve got lots of different ways to handle advancement, but I admit that I find myself thinking what achievement based advancement would look like in an RPG.

Running a Chase Encounter in D&D 5e

Once players start gaining access to higher level spells and abilities a lot of the threats of a basic chase become obsolete.

Sights, Sounds, Touch and… Smells?

For my new adventure Lords of the Earth, which is mostly a dungeon exploration, I tried something different from boxed text for the room descriptions.

Sunday, July 15

Building Meaningful Encounters

When building encounters, present them in such a way that they don’t automatically result in a fight to the death.

How to Make Combat Terrain

It’s no secret that great D&D combat involves more than rolling attack and damage dice.

Feeling the Pain of Hit Points

Flush with hit points, D&D players rush headlong into danger as if they can feel no pain.

No Place Like (The Party’s) Home

Consider having a place, business, ship, or whatever for your characters – your own or your players’ – to hang their proverbial hats.

Saturday, July 14

5 Ways to Handle Conflicting Alignments in a D&D Party

What do you do when your player party is comprised of many differing and often conflicting alignments?

How to Be a Great D&D Player

Being a great player is not about creating powerful PCs, devising kick ass strategies or completing quests. It’s about contributing positively to how much fun everyone has at the table.

Running a Sandbox Game – Ambition vs. Possibility

While many sandboxes start out as a game where anything is possible, they eventually become more linear.

Things You Didn’t Know About D&D 5E: The Surprise Round

One of the most commonly misunderstood mechanics in Dungeons & Dragons is surprise.

Friday, July 13

FFG’s Star Wars 30th Anniversary Edition Brings A Classic RPG Back From Carbonite

It can be hard to imagine that, not so long ago in the galaxy of Star Wars fandom, dark times were upon us.

30 Minute Dungeons

What if we told you you can make a whole dungeon that could last multiple sessions in just 30 minutes?

A Simple Guide for Writing a Great Character Backstory

Complexity is the enemy of clarity. So here is a simple formula.

5 Ways to Save Your Campaign from Summer Vacation

This week on the Campaign Trail, I’m looking at vacations and how to make sure your campaign survives the summer months.