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Monday, March 25

Why I Worldbuild and You Should Too

Worldbuilding is a very creative exercise — I have a lot of fun doing it because it’s a great way to flex those creative muscles and MAKE something using just your imagination.

D&D Monster Monday: Sea Spawn

So raise the sails, man the bow, (I have no idea how ships work) and be sure not to piss off any krakens or sea hags. Today we dive into the statblock of the sea spawn!

9 Unusual Historical Occupations For Your Game

Most fantasy games do a pretty good job of providing a variety of backstory options: you can be royalty, soldiers, guild merchants, entertainers and more.

Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge

Most people are familiar with metagaming. It’s what happens when a player acts on knowledge that their character doesn’t have. Usually this is done to get an unfair advantage in the game.

Sunday, March 24

Artificer: Cantrips vs. Crossbows

The Artificer gets access to two different ranged options: cantrips and crossbows. Which is stronger from a pure damage perspective?

Things to Consider Before Your D&D Party Enters a Dungeon

Dungeons can go for miles and miles underground, with twisting, turning passages, challenging terrain, and creatures attacking you at every turn. Oh, and it’s probably dark. With all that in mind, how do you navigate (and RP) your way through dungeons?

Deep Dive – The Kobold

The Kobold. Those annoying little rat-like creatures that have somehow survived through the editions, even though they only have 1-4 hit points.

Adjudicating Actions: Resolving Your Players Actions

This is going to be the second part of my guide on how to handle the most basic roleplaying exchange between a GM and his players.

Saturday, March 23

How to Run a Long-Term RPG Campaign

One of the first things I noticed when I started writing Dungeon Solvers was that people have a seriously difficult time finding long-term campaigns and dedicated RPG groups to play in.

RPG Gamemasters Fill Yourselves with Stories

I think it is critical for any gamemaster or dungeon master to understand story. To understand how stories work and how they are told.

Designing Creepy Monsters for Tabletop Games and Fiction

It might be common for us to think of monsters and creepy creatures that are out for our flesh. After all, we see them all over horror movies and classics like Dracula. However, this isn’t what makes a monster.

Con Game Lessons Learned

Now that I’ve been to a dozen or so cons over the past decade, I’ve experienced my share of good and bad GM issues. This year I decided to throw my own hat into the ring to help out my local con by running my first ever con game… and I ran into my own issues.

Friday, March 22

Five Kinds of Plot

I think that there are five kinds of plotlines that we really see in games, and I’ll try to point out parallels in genre fiction.

Heated Disagreements at a D&D Table

What do you do when your party begins to argue over what to do next, to the point where the game slams to a halt?

DM Panic: Random NPCs 4

It’s another DM Panic, and this time we’re giving you three different mob bosses!

4 Reasons Why Warhammer Fantasy Is A Fantastic Setting

Here are 4 reasons why Warhammer Fantasy is a… fantastic setting.