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Friday, January 18

Gaming Group Horror Stories And GM Tips To Help Avoid Catastrophe

Sit around any convention long enough, and you’ll start to hear stories from other gamers about their trials and tribulations.

Beyond the Dice: Epic Scenarios

Let’s get into how you can take your game into the realm of three dimensions!

5 Reasons To Play Casual Roleplaying Games

The majority of roleplayers have a negative bias towards casual roleplaying games without having ever played any. Hopefully, with this article, I will be able to convince you to at least try them out!

RPG Toolkit: Session Zero

What is a Session Zero? What should you cover in the session? When should you have one? Why is it helpful?

Thursday, January 17

A Hero’s Welcome: Making Your Characters Feel Good about Saving the World

what do you need to make your players feel like heroes when a campaign ends? In a sentence, it comes from being recognized and rewarded by others for overcoming the adventure’s many challenges.

DMs: Use These Treacherous Traps to Protect Your Precious Treasures

Traps are an important part of the Dungeons & Dragons experience.

Homebrewing Classes

Homebrewing classes is an absolute blast.

5E D&D Villains: Social Villains

We’ve reached the end of my list of kinds of villains to talk about finally, and we’re bringing it to a close with social villains.

Wednesday, January 16

Exploration and Making the Mind Work

Some of my favourite Dungeons & Dragons encounters have consisted of a very simple challenge, but, because the adventurers didn’t have the right tools available to them, they needed to improvise and come up with another solution.

4 Games That Changed How I Think About Tabletop RPGs

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every game you should play (or read), but these are a handful of games or game-types that have informed how I think about tabletop RPGs.

25 Campaign Starting Adventure Seeds

New Year, New You… New Campaign? Whether you’re rolling up a fresh character or reviving an old favorite, the start of a campaign has a certain magic to it!

When Your Diplomat Is the Table’s Worst Diplomat

I’ve got a player who has been at it for years. He’s my best friend, and constantly begs me to run games of Star Wars for him. I’m always happy to run Star Wars, and every time he insists, “I’m not going to be crazy this time, I’ll keep it in check.”

Tuesday, January 15

Facing Insurmountable Foes

Facing insurmountable foes removes player agency.

Roleplaying Games: 7 Ways to Roll on a Budget!

As the tabletop RPG Revival grows its numbers every day, it’s always good to look at ways to help introduce new players to the game. Here are seven tips to drop you in and get you or a friend rolling some die ASAP for little to nothing!

Mounted Combat in D&D 5e

Depending on the Dungeons and Dragons campaign you’re playing, you may not use the mounted combat rules very frequently.

The Five Room Mega Dungeon

The concept of a five room dungeon is just a conceptual framework. Feel free to use as many geographic rooms as you wish to convey a small, contained, subplot of a dungeon.