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Monday, October 14

How to Run Puzzles in DnD

In that article, we focused mainly on Combat encounters, whereas in this article we will be looking at puzzles, which mainly fall under the Exploration pillar.

D&D Monster Monday: Fire Elemental Myrmidon

The subject of today’s article is going to be the fire elemental myrmidon which is a well-armored whirring dervish of scimitar attacks while still maintaining the flavor and mechanical benefits of being a fire elemental.

Letter to an Aspiring Game Designer

Earlier this week, I received a letter from a game design student named Jonathan, asking me questions about how I got my start writing RPGs, and if I had any advice to give to an aspiring game designer.

25 City Ruins Adventure Seeds

We’re back once more for some delicious Adventure Seeds! This time we venture into the ruins of a once proud and grand city, now full of monsters and mysteries to be slain and solved.

Sunday, October 13

Designing Homebrew that Stands up to Player Scrutiny

Designing is always more complicated than it first looks and designing homebrew for Dungeons and Dragons is no different.

5 Ways to be a better D&D player

A lot of these might be common sense, but they are still often forgotten or disregarded.

Casting a Bonus Action and Reaction Spell on Your Turn

The bonus action spellcasting restriction in 5th Edition D&D provides that when you cast a spell on your turn using a bonus action, you can’t cast any spell other than a cantrip other than a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action.

Art of the Encounter in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

One of the things we enjoy the most about tabletop roleplaying games is the collaboration taking place between Game Masters and players during a game.

Saturday, October 12

Five Commonly Confused Rules in D&D 5e

The rules are the skeleton of the game. You can flesh out the story all you want, but without a skeleton you’ll end up with an amorphous flesh ooze.

How to Run a Session 0

Session 0’s are an important tool in any RPG group’s arsenal. That’s right, this isn’t just Game Master advice. Today we’re talking to all of the players out there, including the Game Master.

Druid 101: Circle of the Moon

Class is back in session. This week, we delve into the forest primeval and howl at the moon, issuing a prayer to Selûne in the tongue of beasts.

Incorporating Mundane Life into Your Fantasy/Middle Ages Game: Farming, Construction & Logging

The mundane reality of life is something often overlooked when GMs are talking about the world in which their fantasy or Middle Ages game.

Friday, October 11

How to Kick Someone Out of Your D&D Group

A tabletop gaming group is a weird social commitment halfway between “project” and “just hanging out.”

Creating In-Depth D&D Characters

Have you had enough of feeling like your playable characters (PCs) are trudging through the elaborate campaign without developing?

Be Prepared for Anything When You Bring Skinny Minis to the Tabletop

Thanks to Skinny Minis, you can carry an entire library of high-quality, colorful, and durable minis with you to every session—all in your backpack.

How To Create Great Pathfinder 2nd Edition Characters: Fighter

Just like the previous entries, I’m going to challenge your interpretation of the Fighter with five new concepts that you can use to create a character.