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Monday, September 24

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist’s Factions are Perfect for Beginner and Veteran DMs

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist has been widely touted as a perfect adventure for first-time Dungeon Masters, but crafted with enough depth and nuance to excite even veteran DMs.

Build Your Wizard’s D&D Backstory By Answering These 5 Questions

A character with a good background can give a Dungeon Master several wonderful ways to hook a character into dashing into danger.

On Running A Post-Apocalypse Campaign

I’ve run several post-apocalypse campaigns over the years, using a variety of game systems. Along the way I’ve learned a few things about post-apocalypse settings and running campaigns in them.

Character Flaws: Apathy

Not every character wants to answer the call to action. Some are lazy or fearful or simply overwhelmed at the scope of the adventure that presents itself before them.

Sunday, September 23

6 Dos and Don’ts of Character Flaws

When it comes to making characters, there are a lot of players and dungeon masters alike who feel the process isn’t complete until a character has been assigned their flaws.

4 Great Games to Get Your Kids Into RPGs

Getting kids into roleplaying games can be tricky, the following are my choices of systems that I think are great roleplaying games to play with kids.

5E D&D How to Pick your Character Class

Let’s start off by asking ourselves some questions before jumping into Dungeons and Dragons character creation process?

Called Shots

A “called shot” in Dungeons & Dragons is an attack that aims for a specific part of a target’s body.

Saturday, September 22

3 Biggest Dungeons and Dragons Veteran Dungeon Master Mistakes

We’ve all made some of these DM Mistakes, but the best thing we can do for our Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition group, is to work on them to keep improving our DM skills.

How to Create a Treasure Hoard in D&D 5e

Treasure is important, and honestly it can be pretty difficult to come up with treasure hoards and random rewards for players.

5 Ways To Make Fantasy Worlds Fantastical Again

With no artistic talent, programming experience, or a crew of performers and a special effects team, you can build a novel world.

125 Character Roleplay Challenges

I believe interesting roleplay can be achieved by setting a challenge for characters, a limitation of some kind.

Friday, September 21

Education Adventures: Is D&D Right for My Kid?

One question I get a lot is, “My child loves interactive video games, do you think they will like this?”

A Light in the Darkness: Playing a Drow Character

Drow make excellent villains. And as we saw earlier this week, they make compelling heroes, too.

The Spy Who Roleplayed Me – 5 Fantastic Espionage RPGs

While many 10-year-olds got hooked on the fantasy of swords, spells and elves, it took a slightly different type of power fantasy to hook me into a world of imagination and strange looking dice.

101+ Terrain Features for Better Combats

In my experience, the most memorable moments in a fight often come through a PC interacting with their environment in a creative way.