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Sunday, May 19

Improve Your Range of NPC Voices with These GM Tips

Storytellers need to act out, narrate, and engage in witty repartee from a variety of NPC’s—often without any warning.

d6 Ways To Spice Up Next Session

Sometimes things get dull, predictable, and stale.

The Good DM: Hoax, Myth, Legend

The Good DM has done more damage to the self-esteem of many talented and creative DMs than anyone else in their lives.

How to Deal With Feeling Down in the Golden Era of RPGs

D&D and RPGs are more popular than ever! And yet, despite this looking so much like a new golden era, for a lot of people it feels hollow.

Saturday, May 18

Live from The Descent: D&D’s Next Story Unveiled!

Here’s what you have to look forward to in the year to come:

City Building for Your TTRPG Campaign

Cities, towns, villages, and other settlements are an integral part of any TTRPG campaign.

D&D for Kids: Alignment

For young players, try having the discussion about what different alignments mean for your campaign setting, but don’t have them adhere to a strict label.

Spring into DMing – How to Get Into Running a Game

You don’t need to know everything, have all the books or the minis or the terrain to become a DM.

Friday, May 17

Strong Moral Dilemmas in D&D and the Unwanted Kind that Keeps Appearing

The best tales climax when the heroes must choose between what they’ve learned is right and an easy route to what they thought they wanted.

How Dungeons and Dragons let me Write my Fantasy Novel

When you interact with your friends, you watch your world come alive in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed.

How Background Enhances Your D&D Character

The notion of your D&D character having a background is integral to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Improving the Rules of DND’s Deck of Many Things

Regardless of which ruleset you use, every fan of D&D should include running or drawing from the Deck of Many Things on their bucket list.

Thursday, May 16

Utilizing Spells in Creative and Inventive Ways

Kelly Lynn D’Angelo is joined by David Nett to discuss creative and inventive spell casting!

My 5 Regrets As A New GM

My initial foray into running a game was disastrous, but I didn’t let that stop me from pushing through and trying again.

Making Tools Useful in 5e: Gaming Sets

These games are ones I’ve been using in my own games for a while.

Maybe…Don’t Play D&D?

D&D is a genre, not a single game.