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Saturday, November 17

Seven Hexes For Use In Your Campaign

I’ve been creating a new world seven hexagonal spaces at a time. Here is the beginning of that; an area for your player character to explore around a small village. It is written system agnostic and is easily adapted to any edition of old school role playing games.

Mike Mearls talks ‘Heroes of The Vale’ Premiering November 28th

Heroes of the Vale is a brand-new D&D live stream being dungeon mastered by Mike Mearls himself. I am lucky enough to be part of this amazing cast as well. I spoke to Mike Mearls about what we’re in for. What is the setting for the Heroes of the Vale?

Creature Codex Review

Just like the Tome of Beasts, this Creature Codex looks just like what its name says: A huge codex full of creatures.

When Encounters are Too Hard

Improperly balanced encounters can lead to some really awful experiences in a game.

Friday, November 16

7 Things a New GM Should Own

I did learn that preparation is vital when running a game for others, so whether you’re a brand spanking new GM or a seasoned veteran hopefully you can find something useful in this list.

Why Your Dungeons And Dragons Villains Suck

A great Dungeons and Dragons Villain can completely change your game and story from another generic campaign to something memorable for your players. Here’s a Dungeon Master Tip to help you fix those boring villains.

What’s in a Dungeon Master’s Screen?

We’ve seen them since the dawn of Dungeons & Dragons. For every player, the sight of the Dungeon Master looming mysteriously over the Dungeon Master’s screen telling the precarious plight of the characters.

Storytelling For Rules Lawyers Can Be Tricky; These GM Tips Should Help

Few things can torpedo the flow in a game session like a rules argument mid-combat.

Thursday, November 15

5 Tips for Running Short Session

The short sessions have forced me to adjust my game mastering style quite bit. I have decided to write down some of the things that I have learned.

Memorable NPCs

First and foremost, a memorable NPC must appeal to your players.

Making a Game Into a Book – Editing

I’ve worked on the publishing side of tabletop RPGs for almost seven years, now. One part of that process which is newer to me is one that I think is the most vital: editing.

GMs: Set the Mood For Your RPG Sessions With Smart Lights

As a good DM, you’ve probably put together playlists of just the right mood music. Have you considered changing up your lighting, though?

Wednesday, November 14

5 Ways to Help Manage Your D&D Campaign

Getting your first D&D game in with your group is fun, exciting but also a lot of work. And there is nothing more satisfying then when your players make it to the end of your game, completing most of what you had prepared for them.

Our Best Guesses at Possible Future D&D Storylines

What could the future of D&D hold?

The Tangled Origins of D&D’s Armor Class, Hit Points, and Twenty-Sided Die Rolls To-Hit

In 1977, when I first read the Dungeon & Dragons basic rules, the way armor class improved as it shrunk from 9 to 2 puzzled me. Shouldn’t higher numbers be better?

Why I Love Madness

Madness is a strange effect. It isn’t technically a status effect but when it hits a character, it acts very much like one.