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Monday, June 01

D&D Monster Monday: Orc Blade of Ilneval

Let’s charge into Volo’s Guide to Monsters and take a look at these orcish blademasters!

Fantastic Lairs First Look

I’m interested to see this project develop, not just because I want to see 5e OGL content, but because this product is directly addressing a specific kind of game design. It goes beyond being an adventure, and is attempting to provide the specific feeling of a climactic battle.

4 Great Ideas for One on One Games, Part 2

I’m here to give you 4 great ideas you can easily expand on which can give you an awesome starting point, or maybe even a whole campaign.

More Things I’ve Learned Running Games Online

I understand a lot of this article about the downsides of gaming online, whereas the last one was more positive, but I’ve been noticing troubles cropping up, and see how running online is definitely inferior (in my opinion) to playing in-person, and I look forward to the point that I get to do that again.

Sunday, May 31

Deep Dive – Rust Monster

This week we bring forward a horrifying… bug? This strange monster is known as the Rust Monster, and as you may have gathered from its name… it has something to do with rust.

Games on the Table – Part 3: ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game

Based in the Year 0 Engine also known from Tales from the Loop and Forbidden Lands (both of which I have played – see upcoming posts) this one was a pleasure to play.

Make NPCs Part of Your Story (It Makes Everything More Interesting)

Every player has little tics, and one of mine is that I have a habit of stealing NPCs, and sucking them into my character’s personal gravitational pull.

Focus on More of This To Have More Fun at Every Game

Forget fiction. Forget scripts. We’re talking interactive storytelling and gaming here. We have our own rules.

Saturday, May 30

New Player’s Guide: How to Make Awesome Handouts

This installment of New Player’s Guide is a little bit more casual than usual. That’s because I’m talking about a specific element of my home D&D campaign that I think will improve yours, rather than sharing broad wisdom that I’ve learned over the years. Let’s talk about handouts!

Dream Sequences in D&D

Throughout the world, the use of dreams as a plot device is prominent.

Asking Leading Questions at Character Creation

What are leading questions? And how can they be effective?

Classic Spanish fantasy RPG Aquelarre is being released in English for the very first time

30 years after it debuted.

Friday, May 29

GM Don’t List #10: Idea Rolls

Here’s my random tip for using Idea rolls as a GM:


Non-Combat Encounters for High Level D&D 5e

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM’s Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters – Random Tables

The Flow of Information in Medieval Fantasy

Whether you want to spread complex ideas like propagandized hatred or to simply convey the town’s news, you have a number of options, and they all make for good exposition tools to advance your story.

Dungeons & Dragons Directors Are Taking a Fun Approach, But It’s Not a Comedy

We learned earlier this month that things seem to be getting serious with the long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons movie.