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Thursday, February 25

For Your Consideration – 3rd Level Spells

I’ve been talking a lot about spells lately and wanted to keep my streak alive, so I decided to take the way back machine and dig out an old series that fell by the wayside.

You Don’t Need to Be an Actor to Run DnD

The recent trend of live play content online often highlights the best of the best talent in DnD and it has warped the perception of what a dungeon master is expected to bring to the table. We’re going to set the record straight. Anyone can be a dungeon master.

When Should GMs Ask for Dice Rolls

Have you ever asked your player to do a Perception check to see a paper with a clue they need over the table, even though it was extremely easy to spot, only to have them roll poorly?

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Wyvern

Wyverns have been in the game since its beginnings (or at least since BECMI). Here, they are present only on the Monster Manual.

Wednesday, February 24

Tabletop roleplaying taught me that failure is okay – and often more interesting

1 to watch.

For a Great Campaign, Ask the PCs What Happens 10 to 100 Years After It Ends

Let’s review how this technique works. And then, let’s look at what it tells us about campaigns and how to reverse engineer the process so we run compelling campaigns.

Passive-Only Skills

We’ve previously explored where to draw the line between passive and active skills. Today, we’re taking that analysis one step further: Are there skills which should only function as passive skills?

Next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book reboots the many realms of Ravenloft

30 different settings, 30 different villains, plus a whole lot more

Tuesday, February 23

9 Facts About the First D&D Module, Palace of the Vampire Queen

Before Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft came Palace of the Vampire Queen, a dungeon written by California gamers Pete and Judy Kerestan and distributed by TSR Hobbies.

Deep Dive – The Kenku

The Kenku make their debut in the Fiend Folio (1981) and are a bit of a surprise for those that only know the Kenku in the later editions.

Game Masters, Goal-Oriented Players Need Challenges (Or They’ll Eat The Setting)

If you do not give us tasks to complete, we will make our own fun. And nine times out of ten, you’re not going to like the direction we wander off in.

3 Things To Do When You Get Bored With Your Campaign

Here are a few thoughts on what you might do to get unstuck.

Monday, February 22

Indie RPGs show roleplaying can – and should – be far more than Dungeons & Dragons

The tabletop games and designers taking players from fantasy stories to real-world change.

Gods in D&D

Do you have deities in your campaign? How many? What are they called? What are their portfolios? Are they active in the world or mysterious and withdrawn?

Avoiding TPKs

TPK stands for “total party kill.” This is when a scenario (usually combat, although not necessarily) causes the entire adventuring party to die.

Who is the Standard Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer?

Adventurers in Dungeons & Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and can have any number of backgrounds.