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Tuesday, November 12

DMs, If You Want To Provide A Tougher Challenge, Alter Your Arenas

A majority of combats in a lot of RPGs I’ve played/ran take place either in open rooms, or outside in open fields.

How to deal with Metagaming in D&D

How to deal with metagaming in D&D depends on the situation and the group. You can talk to each other, set rules, avert expectations, or be fine with it.

A Guide to Roleplaying Half-Orcs

Half-orcs are perhaps my favorite race when it comes to roleplaying possibilities.

Madness in 5E D&D

The 5E D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide describes madness as a way to emphasize the extraordinarily horrific nature of the threats the adventurers face. But madness proves much more versatile in my campaigns.

Monday, November 11

After Your First RPG Session – Becoming A Game Master

GMing your first session leaves a lot of different and maybe confusing impressions.

3 Quick Tips For Taking Session Notes

Capturing key session details is important. You’ve got to maintain consistency of names, locations, and events or glaring logic bombs will drop on you and blow up your campaign.

Random GM Tip – The Numbers That We Say

Not only can the flow of information around the gaming table be inefficient, it can also be confusing and burdensome.

Making Tools Useful in 5e: Calligrapher’s Supplies

Regardless, I’m making a core component of this tool the ability to hide codes inside of a document… so that, has some sort of use for adventurers right?

Sunday, November 10

Outsmarting the DM

Outsmarting the DM can be bad or good. If the DM is bad, this is bad for everyone. If the DM is good, this is a highlight of the campaign.

Incorporating Mundane Life into Your Fantasy/Middle Ages Game: Religious Festivals, Tanning, Shearing, & Shoeing

Let’s look at even more mundane aspects of life in the Middle Ages for you to put into your game!

Dungeons and Dragons: How To Design a Compelling Villain

Designing the perfect villain for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign can be incredibly difficult, especially for beginner DMs.

The Delicious Freedom of D&D

I believe that D&D and other similar role-playing games have the potential to be a leading social and emotional learning tool.

Saturday, November 09

Five More Commonly Confused Rules in D&D 5e

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition has a lot of rules. Thankfully, you don’t need to know all of them before you start playing.

Monk 101: Way of the Four Elements

Class is back in session. This week, we don monastic garb and meditate upon the mysteries of the world and all the realms beyond it.

Let the Players Decide How They Fail

Narrating failure can create a lot of fun and drama at the table, but it requires that Game Masters be prepared to consider how the story can move forward in the face of failure.

You Can’t Build Worlds by Yourself

A world written entirely by yourself is like painting with a single color: you can have a single red square on a white canvas be worth $15mil at some art gallery, but it doesn’t change that it’s basic as all hell.