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Monday, April 06

D&D Monster Monday: Firenewt Warrior

Firenewts are, well, newts that have an intense attraction to hot climates and locations such as hot springs, volcanoes, or any area with hot and wet conditions.

How to Play D&D Fifth Edition (for Free)

Now, more than ever Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying like it are making a massive comeback. In fact, there are currently an estimated 13.7 million Dungeons & Dragons players in the world.

How To Build A Large Character Gallery

Using the following methods, you can gain a large collection of non-player characters to use as pre-generated player characters or as NPCs that are just as detailed as normal PCs with little effort.

Exploring the Folk Hero Background

Folk heroes are distinct in that what defines them is not magic power or skill with weapons, but a single, selfless act that earned them the admiration of the peasantry.

Sunday, April 05

Deep Dive – The Mind Flayer

The Mind Flayer has been around since the beginning of Dungeons & Dragons, and many know the Mind Flayer to be a part of the Illithids, a race of super-intelligent aberrations who believe themselves to be the dominant species of the multiverse.

Let’s Read the 4e Monster Manual/Vault: Frost Giants

Frost giants are based on the Jotuns of nordic folklore, and these roots translate into them being the most viking-like of all D&D giants.

D&D Online: Player Prep

While the transition will likely be more labor-intensive for DMs than players, there’s still a lot that those of us in front of the screen can do to make the DM’s job easier!

5 Resources to Make Your Online Tabletop Roleplaying Game Epic

Stuck at home? Wallet feeling a little parched? Need a distraction to whittle the time? Then why not try playing a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy AGE or something else online?

Saturday, April 04

Playing D&D Online

We might not be able to physically reach across the table in glee when the vile red dragon falls, or feel the tremble of the wooden table under the weight of a maximized fireball’s d6’s, but we can still create stories & battle monsters in worlds of our own design.

New Player’s Guide: All the Articles You Could Ever Want

Welcome to New Player’s Guide, the first stop on your journey to playing D&D. This series has advice for players who’ve just joined their first D&D campaign, as well as Dungeon Masters who want help taking their new campaign to the next level.

Shuffle the Deck: Dungeonmorph Cards

Dungeonmorph Cards are fun and creative for game masters on-the-go to quickly map out an idea.

Beyond Dungeons & Dragons: A guide to the vast, exciting world of tabletop RPGs

Role-playing games let you tell a story with your friends, and most are available to play online.

Friday, April 03

My Dad’s Monster Manual – Bone Devil

I just interviewed my father for a whole new batch of critters. His takes are pretty wild! First up, my father’s take on the bone devil! He thinks it’s an undead pixie!

Exploring Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount, The D&D Campaign Setting And Adventure Book From Critical Role

When the announcement was made that the latest D&D book would be centered on the created world of the extremely popular web show Critical Role and its gamemaster (GM) Matthew Mercer, opinions varied.

Not a Wargame

Dungeons & Dragons came from players of miniature wargames. And, in the earliest days, there was an expectation that the characters would become powerful lords and archmages and command territories and armies.

When should you have D&D resting in dungeons?

D&D resting in dungeons should be allowed under certain circumstances. Players can also alter those circumstances and make resting possible.