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Tuesday, August 20

Fantasy steampunk setting Eberron finally comes to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The artificer class returns, bringing magical tech to 5e

Build Your World on the Table with Dungeons & Lasers

There are lots of ways to use terrain in your tabletop roleplaying games and there are loads of options when you are looking at modular dungeon tiles.

What Level Should You Start Your D&D 5e Campaign At?

Let’s talk about how to determine the starting level for your next D&D 5e campaign.

Downtime Training

The “Training to Gain Levels” section of the DMG has a very brief segment on page 131 regarding an optional approach at training to level up.

Monday, August 19

D&D Monster Monday: Giant Skeleton

A giant skeleton is a bit different from an average undead in that they are actually imbued by whatever necromancy has brought it back from the dead.

Why You Should Let the Villain Monologue

When the villains go down that quickly, all the players are happy, but the GM is often left feeling unsatisfied. When did roleplaying become a zero-sum game?

An Instinct for Story: 10 Requirements for Successful Improv Play

We’ve all been caught in that position before – forced to choose between improv and letting the players down.

Creature Companion: Modrons

The Modrons are beings of perfect order.

Sunday, August 18

Hunting – Homebrew

I wanted a fun Hunting mini-game that could be quickly implemented while at the table and doesn’t require too much effort or time from the GM.

Magic Reserves

Wizards of the Coast released an Unearthed Arcana featuring two new subclasses: the Path of the Wild Soul Barbarian and the Way of the Astral Self Monk.

GM Tip of The Week #7: Writing Your FIRST Oneshot

Like I mentioned in 7 Things to Do Before Running Your First RPG Session I’ll offer you some more in-depth tips on preparing a oneshot adventure for your FIRST RPG Session.

Unique Rewards for Players

The players’ satisfaction at the table should be the primary goal of any Game Master/Dungeon Master.

Saturday, August 17

Natural 1’s and 20’s on Ability Checks in D&D 5e

Let’s talk about natural 1’s and 20’s and how they (don’t) impact ability checks!

Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks Gives Your D&D Campaign Even More Character

David Markiwsky and Paul A. Keiter, chatted with Geek & Sundry about the inspiration behind Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks, and how the supplement all came together.

10 Character Backstory Questions

Character development and backstory can be easier said than done, especially if you’re new to ttRPGs.

A Better Roll Table

When improvisation calls, Roll Tables can help out a GM to find a character name, create a new event, or even provide loot!